Electrician Tools
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Electrician Tools

Everything You Need To Know About

Basic electrician tools are essential for electricians in London, UK. These tools help an electrician diagnose problems, repair equipment and perform maintenance tasks. These basic electrician tools are safety approved for use in ventilated work areas and environments and provide protection against electric shock.

A multi-purpose tool belt. This multi-purpose tool belt is used to perform all essential tasks needed by an electrician. The tool belt includes tester, impact driver, wafer press, pliers, wire stripper, and a torque driver. An electrician uses the multi-purpose tool belt to repair broken circuit boards, isolate or fuse live wire, and melt down connection cables.

This tool belt also makes it possible to work in small spaces such as tight spaces under decks and other structures. To work effectively, the electrician must always be prepared to carry it.Electrician’s basic testing devices. A multi meter is one of the most important electrician tools to have.

Electrical Tools and Equipment

This device helps testers to measure the voltage of a wiring system, which enables them to fix any fault in the electrical system. To test a circuit effectively, every electrician must own a good quality multi meter.Power cord. The power cord is essential electrician tools to connect power wires to different circuits. To help test power connections, electricians need a multi meter.

Electrical Tools and Equipment

Different types of cords are used for different applications. For example, when testing the AC line, electricians use an electrician power cord, while in case of a telephone wire, it would be a phone cord.Pliers. Electricians use pliers to pull wires apart and tighten them. These electrician tools are very important to the trade. To have full control on the wires, a good electrician needs to have pliers.

Electricians have many kinds of pliers – gas, needle, screw, needle nose, needle bar, spin, socket, and needle wrench. To effectively grip a wire, it is essential to own pliers that are versatile, light, and have a balanced grip.Circuit finders. Like pliers, circuit finders are essential electrician tools to unload a stuck circuit. To maintain electrical current in a power distribution, electricians use circuit finders.

Electricians Tools UK

The best finders are those that can handle both heavy-duty and light loads. Such finders are also called power locators.Electrician’s tools for nuts and bolts. Like pliers, electrician tools are essential electrician tools to remove even the toughest nut or bolt. Electrician’s tools are also called wrenches, which include: Socket wrench, crescent wrench, hook & eye wrench, and lug wrench.

Tools and Equipment

The most common electrician tools include: electrician’s hand tools, which include: the ratchet, sockets, electrician’s wrenches, electrician’s pliers, electrician’s saws, electrician’s drills, electrician’s detractors, and electrician’s spares.All the electrician tools mentioned above are used by many electricians every day. If you want to become an electrician, you must start with learning how to operate basic hand tools such as a hammer, an electrician’s saw, and the pliers.

Then learn how to use the electrician’s tools including the electrician’s hand tools and the electrician’s pliers. In order to become a journeyman electrician, you must attend and pass a one-day electrician apprenticeship program. When you pass the exam you will be issued your electrician’s license.There are three main categories of electrician tools: power tools, cordless drill sets, and safety tools. Power tools are generally for sale in the retail power tool stores.

Electrician’s Air Compressor

 Electrician's Air Compressor

They include: the electrician’s air compressor, the cordless drill, the impact driver, and the soldering iron. Power tools are usually sold in the following formats: cordless drill sets, cordless screwdrivers, power tools, and battery drill sets.One electrician’s tool belt contains all the necessary tools for performing a certain task. Tool belts come with both a heavy duty and a light duty version. The heavy duty versions are usually sold for commercial uses.

The light duty sets are suitable for general home work and are usually sold in the local hardware stores. Some electrician’s tools belt come with a tool pack, which consists of a pair of electrician’s pliers, a pair of impact drivers, a pair of electrician’s wrenches, an electrician’s electrician set, and a small set of batteries.

Quality Measuring

Measuring tapes are also essential for electricians. A good quality measuring tape needs to have a foot that is at least three quarters of an inch in order to read off the end of a string. The best measuring tape needs to have a reading from seventy-two to ninety percent of an inch. A rubber or vinyl measuring tape is recommended. Electricians use multi meter to determine the length of the electrician’s tool belt.

The most important tool in an electrician’s work box is a pair of adjustable pliers. There are different types of pliers, namely: regular, electric, needle-nose pliers, wire stripping pliers, slip-joint pliers, anti-rust pliers, and needle-nose pliers. All the pliers mentioned above except the last are adjustable. The final three pliers are only for heavy duty work. The electrician’s work box also contains a power drill, a ratchet wrench, and a variety of cable couplings.