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Emergency Electrician London

Finding an Electrician

We are an emergency electrician company based in Putney, West Sussex. We offer a fast, friendly & reliable service to local businesses, private homes & residents. From routine maintenance & testing, to emergency electric repairs, we’re there to help!Quality inspection, reliability & prompt service are the values we carry ourselves.

Our highly skilled electricians are equipped with the latest in technology, ensuring that we can offer you the highest quality electrical work, from new installations, to routine maintenance & testing. From a large number of residential and commercial properties, our experienced electricians can be reached online or by phone to give you an estimate for any type of repairs. All installations are carried out to our high standards of safety and efficiency.

Emergency Electrician You Can Trust

From fuse boxes, to circuit breaker panels, lighting systems, switches & sockets, network cables and outlets, all are checked, repaired or replaced to leave your premises safe.We will also carry out tests of your property, ensuring that your electrical safety is ensured throughout the period of your tenancy. From fuse boxes, lighting and circuit breaker panels, all necessary tests are carried out to leave your property safe.

Emergency Electrician You Can Trust

No matters if you are a property owner, a landlord or a tenant, you can be confident that your electrical installations will pass our strict tests. Whether your property has a gas boiler, electric boiler, or other type of appliance, you can be assured that your electrical safety will not be compromised.We are able to offer expert services at all hours, and on short notice. If you need electrical work on a temporary basis, we can provide it.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All emergency electricians in London can undertake a wide variety of work. From repairing broken fuse boxes to conducting routine maintenance checks, from installing new lighting systems to installing CCTV cameras, all work can be undertaken quickly and easily.All electricians in London are fully licensed and insured to ensure your electrical services are provided safely and securely.


We are able to carry out work on both new and old buildings and homes. Whether it’s a domestic, commercial or industrial property, all of our services come with a warranty of up to 12 months.The range of services provided by an experienced and qualified domestic emergency electrician in London includes domestic and commercial lighting, domestic installations such as fitted central heating and lighting systems, domestic installations with CCTV surveillance, security lighting installation and many more.

Electricians in London

Our electrician also provides services for high pressure washing, ventilation, space heating, ventilation systems and water systems. All installations are carried out to our high standards of safety and efficiency. In addition to our high quality electrical installations, we offer a full range of services including general repairs. This includes replacement bulbs, circuit breaker repairs, fuse box repairs and a wide range of general technician services.

There are some areas where the laws regarding re-wiring differ from those within Great Britain. This is why it is essential that you consult with your electrician before undertaking any re-wiring work on your home. Many electricians in London will have expert knowledge regarding the local laws regarding wiring regulations in your area.Choosing the right electrician is essential – so take your time to find the right professional to provide the electrical services you require.

Electrical Services

London, like the rest of the country, has a diverse range of electricians in London – our skilled and licensed electricians are able to handle any type of wiring requirement – domestic, commercial or residential. All of our electricians in London – middlesex – are fully bonded and insured, so you can feel assured that if anything does go wrong, you will be given the compensation you need.